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1 Prof. Gaurav Vyas Civil Co-ordinator
2 Prof. Maitri Desai Computer Engineering Co-coordinator


Prathma Blood Center, the finest blood establishments in South Asia, has awarded shield and certificate to GPERI NSS unit for its outstanding social service and commendable gesture for the cause of humanity. The staff members and the students have donated 93 units of blood to help the needy patients.
Gujarat Power Engg and Research Institute-Civil Engg - team secured First position in the UltraTech Sparkling Star Contest (North Gujarat Cluster). All three team members, Mr. Raj Patel, Ms. Janavi Patel and Mr. Mihir Soni received the individual medals, a trophy, and a total sum of Rs. 15,000/- Congratulations to all three of them ... The Civil Engg Department and GPERI institute proudly commend the hard work and efforts of the students for this contest.

Student Activity Cell

Student Activity Cell (SAC) is GPERI students club. The club organizes many socio-cultural and technical events in the campus. It is a body to organize curricular and extracurricular activities for students within the GPERI Campus. The purpose of the student chapter activity is to facilitate the academic and professional growth of the students. SAC is for the students and by the students.

An objective of the chapter is to build up skills i.e teamwork, leadership, communication, time management etc. which are very essential with technical knowledge for successful career.

Click here for Grievance Redressal Mechanism for GPERI


Technical Coordinator: Prof. Maulik Patel, Ass. Prof in Dept. of Computer Engineering

Student Team for Technical Event
Sr No. Name Enrollment No. Position
1 Karan Kapoor 151040119011 Convener
2 Harshang Shah 151040119059 Co-Convener
3 Romit Prajapati 161040107048 Co-Convener
4 Hiren Patel 161040106020 Manager
5 Chetan Sadhu 161040107052 Manager
6 Dishant Sheth 171043119016 Manager
7 Deepsingh Sokanki 161040109028 Manager
8 Trupal Patel 151040119045 PR Officer
9 Anjali Patel 171040107015 PR Officer
10 Patel Poojan 151040119038 Treasurer
11 Tanmay Patel 161040106033 Treasurer
12 Ravi Patel 161040106028 Design/Creative Team Head
13 Sonu Patel 161040106032 Design/Creative Team Head
14 Jay S. Patel 171040107031 Design/Creative Team Head
15 Arani Dave 161040119010 Design/Creative Team Head
16 Nikhil Patel 161040119038 Design/Creative Team Head
17 Deep Patel 161040106017 Logistic
18 Raval Harsh kumar 161040107050 Logistic
19 Krunal Patel 161040109019 Logistic
20 Mayank Patel 161040119037 Logistic
21 Dhrupal Patel 161040106019 Volunteer
22 Parmar Ajay 161040107020 Volunteer
23 Parth Patel 161040109020 Volunteer


Cultural Coordinator: Prof Hema Mehta, Asst. Prof in Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Student Team for Cultural Event
Sr No. Name Enrollment No. Position
1 Panda Subhashree 151040109010 Convener
2 Joshi Mit Chetankumar 151040107017 Co-Convener
3 Shivang Gehlot 151040107009 Manager
4 Patel Devang Narendrakumar 161040106018 Manager
5 Bhandari Harshil 151040107011 Treasurer
6 Solanki Deepsinh 161040109028 Treasurer
7 Patel Trupal 151040119045 PR Officer
8 Mishra Shweta 151040109009 PR Officer
9 Shah Yashvi 161040107054 PR Officer
10 Patel Khushboo 151040107033 Logistic
11 Patel Aman 161040107001 Logistic
12 Patel Keny 161040107028 Logistic
13 Parmar Pratixa 151040107019 Creative Head
14 Modi Shreya Subhashbhai 161040109008 Creative Head
15 Shaunak Shah 151040107051 Archive Manager
16 Urvashi Pal 161040107062 Archive Manager
17 Nidhi Pandey 151040107018 Design Team Head
18 Rajal Nayak 161040107016 Design Team Head
19 Himani Patel 161040109015 Design Team Head


Sport convenor: Prof. Sumit Kumar, Asst. Prof in Dept. of Mechanical

Sport Coordinator: Mr. Jitendrabhai sathwara

Student Team for Sports Event
Sr No. Name Enrollment No. Position
1 Ravi Bhavsar 151040107003 Convener
2 Kaushal Patel 151040107031 Co-Convener
3 Nihir Patel 161040107034 Cricket
4 Rachit Patel 161040107039 Cricket
5 Vivek Chaudhary 161040119008 Cricket
6 Tanmay Patel 161040106033 Cricket
7 Vinit Oza 161040106009 Football
8 Priyansh Gupta 161040106004 Football
9 Aayush Patel 161040106011 Football
10 Sachin Patel 161040106030 Kabaddi
11 Shani Thakkar 161040106040 Kabaddi
12 Harsh Patel 161040107025 Kabaddi
13 Niraj Prajapati 151040109052 Volleyball
14 Dinesh Chaudhary 161040106002 Volleyball
15 Tejas Prajapati 151040107046 Kho-Kho
16 Smit Patel 161040107044 Kho-Kho
17 Kamal Jethlani 151040107013 100m Running
18 Sharadkumar 151040109061 100m Running
19 Kimiben Patel 141040107015 Short put
20 Aarzoo Soni 161040109031 Short put
21 Digvijaysinh Chavda 151040107005 Badminton
22 Sachin Verma 151040107058 Badminton
23 Mihir Soni 161040106006 Badminton
24 Deepak Verma 151040107057 Carrom
25 Hiren Parmar 161040106010 Carrom
26 Nirmal Patel 161040107035 Chess
27 Ankur Patel 161040107022 Chess
28 Dhruv Patel 151040107025 Table Tennis
29 Mihir Patel 161040107031 Table Tennis
30 Dhruv Panchal 151040109020 Logistic
31 Ravi Patel 161040106028 Logistic
32 Niraj Prajapati 151040109052 Logistic
33 Harsh Patel 161040107025 Logistic
34 Raja Mochi 151040107010 Photography

Academic calendar

  • Academic Calendar 2022-23
  • Transportation

    A full fledged Transportation facility in the college with buses to provide transportation to students and staff from Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Kalol, Mehsana, Palanpur, and Patan. This service is offered ensuring a hassle-free and safe transportation.


    Warning for Ragging

    Under the order of Honorable Supreme Court of India vide its judgment / orders dated 4th May 2001,16th May 2007 and 11th February 2009, ragging is completely prohibited in the institution. Anyone indulging in ragging is likely to be punished appropriately. The punishment includes imprisonment, fine or both, expulsion from institution, suspension from the classes for a period of time or fine with a public apology. In connection with this we have taken affidavits from the students and parents.

    In case a student is harassed by seniors/any other student at the institution/ hostel or premises thereof, he/she may contact directly/telephonically to the members of anti- ragging committee of the institute.

    UGC Draft For Anti-Ragging

    Affidavit By Students And Parents For Anti-Ragging

    Anti-ragging Committee

    Sr. No. Affiliation
    1 Head of the Institution
    2 Representatives of civil administration
    3 Representatives of police administration
    4 Representatives of local media
    5 Representative of Non Government
    Organizations (NGOs) involved in youth activities
    6 Representatives of faculty members
    7 Representatives of parents
    8 Representatives of first year students (Boys and Girls)
    9 Representatives of senior students (Boys and Girls)
    10 Representatives non-teaching staff

    Anti-Ragging Squad

    Sr. No. Committee Members Designation Department
    1 Dr. Jignesh Patel Assistant Professor Humanities & Science
    2 Prof. Amrita Chitranshi Assistant Professor Computer Engineering
    3 Prof. Sadanand Sahu Assistant Professor Civil Engineering
    4 Prof. Piyash Miyani Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering
    5 Dr. Vivek Patel Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering
    6 Dr. Kishor Rajput Administrative Officer Administration

    Mentoring Cell:

    A Mentoring Cell consisting of students volunteering to be Mentors for first year students, in the succeeding academic year; and there shall be as many levels or tiers of Mentors as the number of batches in the institution, at the rate of one Mentor for six first year students and one Mentor of a higher level for six Mentors of the lower level.