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GPERI Alumni Connect

GPERI Alumni Connect allows you to both re-connect with old classmates as well as enabling you to utilize the trusted GPERI environment to expand your professional network.
By fully integrating with social networks, and cultivating a culture of helping and giving back, you will be amazed how vibrant your GPERI community is!

Connect: Re-connect with old classmates and GPERI faculty members.

Network: Leverage your professional network to get introduced to people you should know.

Grow: Advance your career through inside and outside connections of GPERI-T&P Cell.

There are number of ways that you can support us – you can donate your kinds of time, energy and money. You can also share your valuable time for constructive activities of GPERI, participate in our programs and also donate money, books, software, subscription, equipment to GPERI. We will acknowledge your contribution.

GPERI Alumni Connect Services

The Alumni Association gives you the additional opportunity to access a number of benefits and services GPERI. Following our recent alumni survey, we have taken your views on board. Most importantly, we look forward to bringing you further opportunities as we grow our activities.

Request a Transcript

  • From time to time you may need to provide confirmation of your degree. We offer a service to confirm your qualification and give you a transcript to qualify your degree.
  • Please allow time for our Student Records Office to source this information.
  • Complete our online enquiry form below to request a transcript.

Trace a Friend

  • Even in the age of social media, sometimes we just lose touch with people from our college days. The Alumni Connect offers a service, particularly for those looking to organise reunions, to trace friends who are registered with us.
  • We can contact alumni on your behalf to see if they would like to be in touch with you and we are committed to privacy at all times.Please submit your 'Trace a Friend' request on and we will confirm the process with you.

Star Alumni – Give Back to GPERI

One of our ambitions is to increase opportunity for GPERI students in today’s competitive graduate jobs market. These bright young things face significant challenges and barriers in securing their dream job and the Alumni Association gives you the ability to play a part in helping them on the first steps of their career.
We are now recruiting 'Star Alumni' to give back their knowledge, advice and expertise to support fellow alumni and current students of the college.
No matter how much time you have to offer, there are lots of ways you can stay involved and help to make a difference!
Here are some of the ways you can give back to the GPERI:

  • Attend Various Events
  • Give a Careers Talk or Lead a Group Mentoring session
  • Impart Entrepreneurial Knowledge
  • Engage with the GPERI Alumni Network
  • Placements and Work Experience
  • Recommend GPERI students for internship/ Training in your company
  • Give Donation to our Institute in many different ways

You’re Career

At GPERI our relationship with you doesn't end at graduation. From finding your next job to getting into further study, to offering you practical and emotional support in taking your first steps to start your own business, we are here to help you. GPERI graduates can access our T&P Cell services for up to three years after graduation. So, we can keep you posted on career opportunities and how to apply.

Library Membership: Alumni Membership of GPERI Library is now free and open to all graduates.

Benefits include:

  • Visits to all our libraries and use of our learning spaces throughout staffed opening hours
  • The borrowing of up to TWO books at any one time from our collections
  • In-library access to a range of collections online eg e-journals. (The e-resources that may be accessed by guests to the library are defined by the publisher licensing regulations. For further information regarding the resources that are currently available please ask library staff)
  • Reference access to all library collections
  • Use of our PCs, printing and copying services.

We are Engineers for tomorrow!! Tell Us Your Story

Join fellow alumni through We are Engineers for tomorrow!! Campaign and tell us where you are now and what do you do. We love to hear what our alumni are doing in their careers. it’s not only important to use because your success helps us recruit new students and demonstrates our 'life changing' impact as an institute it helps us raise the aspiration and ambitions of current students. It doesn't matter when you graduated; we want to hear where life has taken you; your GPERI story, so we can proudly report in our publications.
You can download and complete the We are Engineers for tomorrow!! questionnaire here and then email it to us at Once approved, your profile will appear in the relevant decade section below and be featured on our 'Latest Profiles' section. If you want to update your page just drop us an email to let us know the changes. You can also connect with us on our official social media channels: Facebook, and Twitter.

Contact Us:

  • For the GPERI alumni connect Section: or 02762-285875, 71, 72
  • Tech support: